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flu testing

flu testing

We will run a quick test so you will know if you or your family member have the flu or strep.  

medical equipment

medical equipment

Our pharmacy offers an extensive variety of medical equipment and supplies.



Our highly qualified staff can easily administer protective immunizations here at the pharmacy. Call us (818) 880.8816


health screening

We offer health screenings, evaluations, and information sessions to help you understand how to maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  



We provide the process of combining, mixing, and altering ingredients to create a medication tailored to the needs of any client.


  • Good relationships with our customers are at the heart of our services. We treat our customers like family so they are satisfied and come back again and again.


  • We apply our tried and true track record of services and stay on top of current pharmaceutical trends, and are knowledgeable in preventative medicine, and holistic care.


  • Rest assured, you are in the care of a board certified and licensed pharmacist who has an impeccable safety track record and knowledge of all FDA rules and regulations.


  • We build and maintain trust with our customers by listening to their needs and providing appropriate care. When you make people feel good, they want to be around you.


We accept most insurance plans
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